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seethelight offer broadband only products in superfast speeds of 80Mbps and 160Mbps, and ultrafast 360Mbps.

Perfect for those of you who don't want a telephone line!

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The OFNL Network and Choice

seethelight appreciates that residential customers on pure fibre networks do not yet have as wide a choice of service providers as is available on slower, traditional, copper networks (this is a current issue for most UK fibre networks and is not unique to homes where seethelight operates). Information on the available service providers in your area can be found on the OFNL website.

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Our packages are incredibly good value and are completely unlimited, leaving you to download as much as you want.

seethelight only provide fibre to the home - no copper cables in sight. We are comparing seethelight against the other providers who offer similar services and speeds. Not all of the below services are over the fibre to the home network, and some of these are through copper lines.

seethelight from Sky
BT Superfast Fibre
Plus Net Unlimited Fibre Extra
Direct Save Telecom
Price (per month)
Average Download Speeds
Available on OFNL network? *
Contract length (months)
Unlimited data
Evening calls included?
Weekend calls included?

Prices correct as at 05/07/2024
* OFNL: Open Fibre Network Limited.
All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT.

UK based customer service centre

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Full fibre service

Download as much as you like with unlimited data

Superfast and ultrafast broadband with speeds of 80, 160 and 360Mbps

Benefits of seethelight

No need for a telephone? Take any of our speeds as broadband only

Unmissable Sky Q TV offers with seethelight

Inclusive evening and weekend calls with voice

Compare our prices using our comparison tool

Experience the benefits of pure fibre.

See how fast it takes to download a 1 hour TV programme with our superfast and ultrafast broadband, compared with the UK average speed.

1 Hour Program
Ultrafast 360Mbps
9 seconds
Super 160Mbps
27 seconds
Super 80Mbps
53 seconds
Standard Copper Broadband – Average UK speed 11.7 Mbps1
5 minutes
1 Ofcom Home Broadband Report 2020

seethelight delivers its services over a pure fibre network operated and supported by Open Fibre Networks (OFNL). OFNL is an open access network provider.

To view the up to date list of available service providers on the OFNL network, please check: www.ofnl.co.uk/residents-businesses/available-isps

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There are 33 incidents or planned maintenances that may be affecting customers on our network. Read more ...

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