Switching to seethelight and Cancellations

Moving in

There are many benefits to being with seethelight including:

  • One of the cheapest voice services in the UK at only £16.75.
  • Inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landlines.
  • We offer 11 inclusive call features, which are often chargeable by other providers, for example caller ID and voicemail.
  • Inclusive calls to other seethelight customers
  • Excellent voice extras allowing you to personalise your handset such as International 300, Mobile 100 and Voice Anytime. Information on these packages can be seen here.
  • Completely unlimited downloads; no capped data
  • Extremely fast broadband over the Fibre to the Home network, enabling huge speeds up to 300Mb.
  • We give you an inclusive wireless router
  • 12 month contracts
  • We operate a UK based call centre, 6 days a week.

If you are moving into a home served by seethelight and would like to take out services with seethelight, please see below our moving in process.

Step one

We have some great products and packages available, all of which run over the fibre to the home network, enabling you to surf a lot faster, more reliably and for cheaper than standard ADSL or Fibre to the Cabinet products. You can view our broadband and voice packages here. Alternatively you can take broadband only or voice only products. We also have an excellent Sky TV package if you take up our broadband and voice packages. Check here for the Sky TV offers.

Once you have decided on the ideal package for you, simply place an order using either our online form or contact us on 0800 331 7638 and our Customer Services team will be happy to welcome you. Please note, seethelight activation fees do apply. For our activation fees, please check here.

Step two

Once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation letter or email, confirming the services you have selected. The customer services team will advise you how long it will take for your services to go live. Usually this will take approximately 14 days. However, if the fibre connection to your property has not been completed, the timescales could be up to 6 weeks. The specific timescale will vary on a property by property basis and is dependent on many factors, some outside of the control of seethelight.

Step three

We may need to send an engineer round to connect your equipment if you are the first occupant. If this is the case, our installation team GTC will contact you and offer you either an am (8-12) or pm (1-5) appointment and will schedule this in with you. When the engineer arrives at your property, you will notice they are wearing GTC clothing and driving a GTC van rather than seethelight. This is because they are seethelight's partner installation team. If you have any doubts as to who the engineer is or where they are from, you can ask to see their ID badges for validation, or call seethelight on 0800 331 7638 and we can confirm.

If you are placing an order for broadband, seethelight will order you an inclusive wireless router. If you have already taken occupation of the property, this will be sent to you via the Royal Mail. You should receive the router or notification of its delivery within 7 days. If you have yet to take occupation of the property, seethelight will aim for you to receive the router or notification of its delivery within 7 days of your occupation date. Instructions will be in the packaging, but if you need a hand, please contact us on 0800 331 7638 or visit our help section here.

If you are taking up the fantastic Sky TV deal, if you don’t have a communal satellite dish, our installation team will need to come and fit a satellite dish to your premises. If you are the tenant, you must gain any necessary consent for example, landlords’ permission to install a satellite dish prior to placing an order for Sky TV services. You will also be sent a TV Viewing card and an engineer will come round to connect your set top box. It is important you have received your TV Viewing card before this happens.

Number Porting

If you would like to keep your old number, seethelight may be able to port your number, subject to a £15 administration fee. To port your number you will need to fill out this application form and send back to our customer services team. You will note on the application form the service providers who we can port your number from. If you have not been a customer of one of these providers listed, then unfortunately we will not be able to port your number. Please note, in the event that seethelight is unable to use the number this admin charge is still payable.

Important information about Number Porting:

  • You must include a copy of your latest telephone bill from your current provider, which must show:
    • Your name
    • Original installation address of the number to be ported
    • The telephone number(s) to be ported
  • You must ensure that the account the telephone number is to be ported from is still an active account. You should not arrange to cancel your old account until the number port is complete, otherwise seethelight will not be able to port your old number.

Your number port will be initiated as soon as we receive your completed application form. If you have a preferred target date for the completion of your number port, please let us know. If you have specified a preferred target completion date, we will do our best to achieve this, but we cannot guarantee that the number port will occur on this date due to circumstances beyond seethelight’s control.

For more information on Number Porting, please send us a contact form here, or call us on 0800 331 7638.

Cancelling seethelight services

If you would like to cancel seethelight services, then we will require 30 days’ notice from you. You may need to pay early termination fees if you are still within your minimum contract term of 12 months. The early termination fees can be seen below. We will add these early termination fees to your final bill.

The early termination charge is a monthly rate comprising of the below:

Voice Only: £8
Data Only: £4.80
Broadband and Voice Package: £12.80
For example, if you end your Voice contract on 7th April, but you took out your services on the 1st June, you would be required to pay £14.13

For example:

23 days left in April = £8/30 x 23 = £6.13
1 full month of charges May = £8
= £6.13 + £8 = £14.13 total to pay.

If you would like to switch your services to another provider, you will need to request a MAC code from us. You will have 25 days to use your MAC code from the day we provide you with one before it expires. You will need to give this MAC code to your new provider. If you don’t give this MAC to your new provider within the 25 days, then you will have to request another one from us.

If you change your mind and want to stay with seethelight, you won't need to take any action; your MAC will automatically expire if it's not used and you'll keep your seethelight services. If you are moving to a premises where seethelight does not provide services and you are still within your minimum term, you will not be liable to pay early termination fees, provided you can give us proof of your new address. We may also need a forwarding address to send your final bill to. If you are moving to a premises where seethelight does provide services and you would like to continue to use seethelight as your provider, we can arrange this for you. Please provide us with your new address and the date of your move and we will confirm if this is possible. You will be required to start a new contract with us, and will be liable for any activation fees in your new premises.