About seethelight

Why you'll want to seethelight ...

  1. Our broadband is big. We say 'up to' because there are factors beyond our control that can affect your speed. The internet is a shared resource and could be busy, it could be the computer you are using and wireless networks are slower than wired connections. For assistance with this our Broadband Speed Guide is available on the Help page.
  2. Our packages are unlimited. This means they really are unlimited. No catches and no limits. Get ready to gorge, because all you can eat broadband is here.
  3. It's incredibly good value. Get more megabits for your money and get a great digital telephony service into the bargain.
  4. It comes loaded with goodies, including a free wireless router, free technical support and tons more.
  5. We specialise in providing next-generation services over fibre-to-the-home networks. We only offer services on new housing developments, working with all the major UK housing developers.

seethelight think that bigger is better

seethelight believe that high speed fibre-to-the-home connections are the future for broadband. We are staffed by a team of technology experts with a mission to save Britain from antiquated copper phone networks with our future-proof fibre packages