50 Plus Voice

100 Plus Voice

300 Plus Voice

Upload boost

Increase your upload speed on the 50Mb broadband
products to be the same as your download speed for £5.10 per month

Great for gaming

The upload boost is perfect for avid online gamers who love to stream live gameplay footage. Posting videos to Youtube is also a doddle with the extra upload speed!

And Social Media

Upload your photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with ease. Backing up your family albums with Cloud Storage and file sharing takes no time at all with the Upload Boost!

Broadband only

Up to50Mb

£26.00 per month
* Upload speed of 10Mb Free wireless router No download limits

Why you'll love fibre:

  • No more waiting for ages for files to download
  • You'll sleep soundly because you've invested in future-proof technology
  • It delivers the promise of the internet: you can do everything and anything
  • seethelight can deliver fantastic online gaming
  • And amazing upload speeds

seethelight say what we mean:
unlimited means unlimited

seethelight believe "unlimited" is "unlimited". Or in other words: NO LIMITS. Download as much as you like. Have fun!

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