seethelight are committed to our customers and understand that providing excellent and reliable services is of paramount importance.

For this reason, seethelight are committed to compliance with all business standards and regulations that have been established for the telecommunications industry, which have been set by Ofcom and the ombudsman.

seethelight are members of various industry regulators and have been approved and endorsed by Ofcom, which ensures seethelight are operating within the guidelines that they set. seethelight are regulated in the UK as a Publicly Available Communications Provider (PACP) by Ofcom and offer both a broadband and PATS compliant telephone service.

Below is a list of the regulatory bodies seethelight affiliate with:


Ofcom: The independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industry.

Ofcom operates under the Communications Act 2003, and ensures that consumers get the most out of their communications services, are not subjected to any scams and do not have their privacy invaded. Ofcom are involved in advising and setting regulations and implementing and enforcing laws, which all Internet Service Providers must adhere to.

Ombudsman Services

Ombudsman Services was set up in 2002, and is an independent service, designed to investigate and provide dispute resolution regarding communications, energy, property and copyright licensing. Ombudsman Services is approved by Ofcom and their work meets the requirements of the Communications Act 2003. This act enables consumers and small businesses to take their complaint to the ombudsman if the communications provider fails to resolve the issue.

If you wish to make a complaint to Ombudsman Services regarding seethelight, then you can do so on their website. Ombudsman Services does stipulate however, that any complaint should be passed to the communications provider before being communicated to Ombudsman Services.

Internet Watch Foundation

Internet Watch Foundation: The UK hotline for reporting criminal online content

The IWF was established in 1996 by the internet industry. It was created for the public to have a safe, confidential and secure outlet to report criminal online content. The IWF is an independent self-regulatory body and they work with the UK government to combat online abuse and to promote greater awareness of global issues and responsibilities.

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