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Can I bring my old telephone number with me?

Our customers are often able to keep their telephone number subject to a £15 administration charge. Once the application is made the charge will be payable. In the event that seethelight is unable to use the number this admin charge is still payable. For more information, please check here.

Can I choose my telephone number?

We do not offer a choice of telephone number at this time.

How do I check the cost of a call before I ring the number?

To check how much individual numbers costs, use our call calculator page a href="/call-calculator">here, where you can insert a specific number to find out the costs and whether the number is included in any of our phone packages. Alternatively, you can view our tariff document here .

I'm having problems with my wireless router - what can I do?

Wireless networking is a great way of accessing the internet without the headache of running wires around your home or office. However, due to the nature of wireless networking, environmental influences - for example interference from other equipment or thickness of internal walls - we cannot guarantee that wireless will work in every location. For more information on how to troubleshoot problems with your wireless connection, please see our router guides in the helpful bits section of our help page.

I don't seem to be achieving my desired connection speed - what can I do?

Not all speed testers available via the internet are able to cope with the speeds possible on a fibre connection. We have provided a more accurate test here for you to use:

There are also a number of factors beyond our control that can affect your speed. For example, wireless networks are slower than wired, old hardware or incompatible software could be causing performance problems, viruses or malware could be slowing your PC down, the internet is a shared resource and speed is dependent on the number of users online, you may have a number of programs running on the computer or you may have a number of computers, games consoles or devices sharing the connection.

For information on how you may be able to improve your connection speed please see our Broadband Speed Guide.

When accessing certain websites, I am receiving notification I am in a foreign country. What can I do?

Have you experienced problems accessing certain websites e.g. BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, National Lottery?

If you are having issues accessing certain websites as listed above, seen an error message such as "This programme is unavailable in your territory" or have received notification that you are in a different country which prohibits you accessing websites similar to the ones listed, it could be because your IP address is showing your location as being in a foreign country. Whilst this is not the case, this is a well-known common issue that seethelight can help you solve caused by a world-wide shortage of IP addresses. For further help and assistance please call our Customer Services team on 0800 331 7638.

Are you having slow speeds and drop outs?

One of the most common problems reported to seethelight is apparent slow speeds or service drop outs. seethelight has investigated these issues and the problem is usually caused by the Wi-Fi used to link devices to the router and is especially common in new homes which often have foil backed insulation inside internal walls. seethelight offers to upgrade customers routers, free of charge1. If you are having any problems, or you believe your router is of an older type, please call us now on 0800 331 7638 or send us a contact form.

seethelight also offers a comprehensive telephone diagnostic service if you are experiencing speed or WiFi issues and if problems cannot be fixed over the phone we also offer free engineers visits to help resolve any stubborn issues. We believe this level of free customer service sets us apart from many other service providers.

1To qualify for a free of charge router upgrade, you must have one of seethelight’s older style routers. To check if you have an older router, contact seethelight and we can look into your options.

How wireless speeds can be impacted by environmental factors

Wireless is a great was of getting online, but we cannot guarantee wireless will work in every location due to environmental influences, for example thick walls or insulation.

This diagram illustrates that distance between the router and your device, e.g. laptop, can affect wireless download speeds.

Wifi depleting Diagram

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Brace yourself for super-fast residential broadband!

Seethelight offer you super-fast broadband and digital voice services. We use a fibre-to-the-home network, which makes ADSL and cable services look like something from the steam age.