seethelight Business

Voice Products

Product NameBusiness PhoneBusiness Dedicated Fax
Monthly Rental £13.95 £13.95
One-off connection charge* £106.37 £106.37

Additional Services

Product Name Monthly Rental One-off connection charge*
Non Geographic Number (each) £0.00 £24.99
Paper Billing £1.25 £0.00
Non Direct Debit Billing £2.13 £0.00
Upload Speed Boost £4.99** £0.00

**Only available on the Business 25 broadband product.

High Speed Internet

Product Name Business25 Business50 Business100
Downspeed 25Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps
Upspeed 5Mbps 10Mbps 20Mbps
Unlimited** Tick Tick Tick
Free Wireless Router Tick Tick Tick
Static IP Address Tick Tick Tick
Dynamic IP Address Tick Tick Tick
Monthly Rental £26.99 £49.99 £79.99
One-off connection charge* £29.99 £29.99 £29.99

seethelight Business

seethelight are the perfect fit for the modern business environment. In addition to crystal clear telephony services, our fibre broadband enables faster uploading and downloading of files, opening the door to many applications that standard broadband would not be able to support, this might include: software development, video editing or any other job where large files need to be transferred between locations.

If you submit an order for broadband only we will not be able to accept it unless you already have an active voice or fax service.

*The customer will only pay for the first voice connection to new connection address e.g if a voice line and separate fax line are purchased only one connection fee will apply.

**Please refer to the Seethelight Acceptable Use Policy on our website

Notes: Prices Exclude VAT

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