Choosing the right package

All of our broadband packages are brought to you over the Fibre-to-the-Home networks; the fastest type of connection in the UK.

Our packages are completely unlimited so you can download as much as you want, whenever you want and everyone in the household can get online at the same time, on multiple devices.

seethelight advertise our broadband speeds based on wired connections. If you connect wirelessly, this may affect the speeds you receive. For help on improving wireless connections and speeds, see our help here.

Average 60Mbps Download

Ideal for a small household


12Mbps upload speed

  • Online catch up
  • Download music
  • Browse the web
  • Use social media
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Average 120Mbps Download

Ideal for a medium household


24Mbps upload speed

  • Online gaming
  • Streaming HD TV
  • Downloading movies
  • Browsing the web
  • Skype & Facetime without pauses
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Average 360Mbps Download

Ideal for multiple demanding users

Games Controller

72Mbps upload speed

  • Multiple online gaming sessions
  • Download media content
  • Web development at home
  • Stream 4K movies / TV
  • Video Broadcasting
  • Do the above simultaneously!

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We also offer a great range of broadband only products in speeds of 60, 120 and 360Mbps

Save £1.75 a month if you don't need a phoneline

Upload Boost
Increase your upload speed on any of our broadband products
Add Upload Boost to the 60Mbps/12Mbps product to get 60Mbps/60Mbps
An extra £5.10 per month
Add Upload Boost to the 120Mbps/24Mbps product to get 120Mbps/120Mbps
An extra £13 per month
Add Upload Boost to the 360Mbps/72Mbps product to get 360Mbps/180Mbps
An extra £13 per month